Before I started working out with Dustin over a year ago, I had not done any type of exercise for nearly 30 years. I had difficulty walking short distances because I was out of breath and my legs would cramp, and I always felt tired. I was completely frustrated with myself and my condition, so I began one on one training every week. It was slow at first, but I always felt comfortable and encouraged to continue to push myself a little harder each time. Before too long, I could see improvement in the way I was feeling overall, my physical strength and my stamina! Now I participate in the circuit training class 3 times a week, and looking back could have never imagined I would be where I am today. The workouts change every time, which keeps it interesting, making each session a new challenge.


Laid back style in a fun group dynamic. I feel and look better than I ever have! Very flexible scheduling. Check it out!

Matt P.

Dustin has been very patient with me while I learn about fitness & the concept of mind with body. He's an overall great person with no judgment on what limits you physically. He has helped me tremendously over the last four years. I am very grateful to him.


Dustin is amazing! His knowledge and commitment to his clients is unbelievable. Dustin was my personal trainer when I won the title of Miss New Hampshire 2012. I highly recommended him to anyone in NH!!! Thank you Dustin!

Megan L, Miss New Hampshire

Dustin is a fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend stopping by and meeting him.

Joe C

I have been a client for nearly four years. With the variety of equipment in the studio and Dustin’s creativity in hitting every muscle group, I have never been bored. And although the classes are challenging, they are also fun. These workouts have improved my strength, my stamina and my muscle tone. It is also a great stress reducer. It is truly the best thing I do for myself!


I started working with Dustin in September of 2015. Before I met Dustin, I was increasingly becoming more inactive due to past injuries with my knee and advancing arthritis and other physical limitations.

I have been working with Dustin for over a year now, and I can see a marked increase in my physical strength and the ability to do activities that were beyond me previously, such as gardening and hiking.

My injuries and other health problems still limit me, but I would not miss a day of my workout, because I know that I am stronger, healthier and able to enjoy my life with energy that I now have.

Dustin cares about you and wants you to be all that you can be. The expense is worth it. Anyone who is unable to participate in activities knows that becoming fit can change your life. It did mine. I am delighted to give this man a thumbs up for all he has done for me. I would encourage you to take action. Dustin listens and tailors the workout to you and your needs.”

Noel Dickinson

“What do I enjoy about my twice a week work outs with Dustin?

Let me tell you!

I started a year ago. Dustin told me to just do one in each rep that day, and at the next class I would be able to do more. He was right! I now make it through all sets, breath less , but I can do it!

He says you will walk faster and stand stronger – I DO!

He says the work outs are individual, not competitive- HE was right!

I have met many wonderful men and woman over the last year in my Tuesday and Thursday night classes.

We all wear what we are comfortable in. No one comes dressed in expensive “work out wear”. I am known for my 80’s head bands and I have yet to hear any comments or snickers about them.

No one watches each other. Yet we all share, encourage and laugh together. We all come from different walks of life, different income levels, each with our own personal challenges. However, we come there and are embraced with support, acceptance in a non-judgmental work out class. It’s not the dating game; we are there for our 50 minutes to do all that we can for ourselves.

Dustin offers many tips. This encourages us all to share recipes, ideas, ask open questions during class so we can all benefit from the open information.

Come join me!”

Mary Bergeron Concord, NH