Dustin Rose

Owner, Personal Fitness Trainer and Circuit Training Instructor

13 years of experience Specializing in resistance training/circuit training programs from beginners to athlete.

Believes in building trusting relationships, where all clientele feel relaxed and comfortable.

Extensive knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to create a better, well rounded fitness program and healthy lifestyle.

Jason Demakis

Owner/Operator No-BS Health & Fitness, Specializing in Full-Body Training & Nutrition

Jason has been training in and out of gyms since 2009, and certified professionally since 2015.

He specializes in full-body strength and resistance training, with extensive knowledge and specialized experience with both pre-hab and re-hab patients, as well as athletes ranging from black belts in Kung Fu, to soccer players, to horseback riders.

His main priority is SAFETY and TECHNIQUE, ensuring each workout is custom tailored to the client’s specific needs, abilities, and goals.

He prides himself on his clients seeing results with his programs within the first 30 days, or their money back.

Jason also leads group Aerobic Kickboxing Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 6:00PM.

Paula Dubois

Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor specializing in Strength & Endurance, Active Agers, Weight Loss and Balance

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your goal is to hike all forty-eight 4000 footers in
NH! Maybe it is to become more independent in your everyday life! Every individual should have
goals and/or aspirations they are working towards. A personal aspiration I have for myself is to
run a marathon in each of the 50 states. To date I have completed 10 states.

Two of my proudest personal achievements include running a qualifying time for the Boston
Marathon in 2016 and 2022 and completing all three of the World Marathons held in the United
States (Boston, Chicago and New York City).

Two quirky/ fun facts you should know about me! I am obsessed with sneakers! If you were to
look in the trunk of my car it is very likely you would find several pairs in there! Secondly, my
favorite food is potato chips and yes I truly believe they go with everything!!!